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…every person is born with a divine right to optimum wellness.

Individual Wellness Plans

Bianca Church, RHN, will teach you the importance of balanced nutrition and lifestyle to promote the well being of the entire body, mind, and spirit. Each client is regarded as an individual and each Wellness Plan is personalized to meet your needs and goals.

How does a Consultation Work?

The first appointment always begins with a health assessment to determine your body’s needs. This will generate a graphed report that depicts your results. These results are then explained to you in your private one-on-one assessment appointment. This report is also prepared for you to take home and review.

Your journey to independent wellness:

The information from the health assessment in combination with your wellness goals will be used to develop a complete wellness program that is personalized to you.  A program that is designed to educate you so that you can actively become part of the healing process.  Once a plan is developed, it is delivered to you in an easy to understand step-by-step format. This document is for you to keep and refer to in the future.

Every part of the program is delivered to you in private one-on-one appointments where your education and understanding of the recommendations is the top priority.  Once you have completed your personalized program with my guidance, you are encouraged and supported to continue your wellness journey as an empowered and independent individual, capable of creating your own wellness.

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