Meet Your Nutritionist

“Embrace the holistic model, be an educator, lead by example, and you will succeed.”

I am a deeply committed Holistic Nutritionist who has been in the holistic health industry since 1998. I have 12 years experience teaching holistic nutrition, 5 years developing natural nutrition diploma curriculum, and 17 years helping people and animals achieve optimal health.

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Holistic Nutritionist, Iridologist, and Experienced Teacher

In 1998 I began my journey in holistic health by working for a Master Herbalist in the Chilcotin Plateau of British Columbia.  After moving back to Ontario in 2000, my home province, I continued in the holistic health industry by joining a nutritional supplement company that manufactured premium nutraceuticals for both humans and horses.  By 2004 I decided to formalize my knowledge in nutrition by enrolling into the  Natural Nutrition diploma program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  By 2005 I was the recipient of CSNN’s graduating Award of Excellence and Award of Merit.  The next year, 2006, I graduated from the International Institute of Iridology, where I completed my certification in Advanced Holistic Iridology and simultaneously completed my training as a Certified Healthy Breast Practitioner with Sat Dharam Kaur.   Since that time, I have helped many clients achieve their wellness goals.  I also spent 12 years teaching and privately tutoring numerous CSNN students, coordinated and developed CSNN’s Natural Nutrition curriculum, developed CSNNs online platform, created and delivered “Learn, Eat, and Be Well”, an educational tourism program for nutrition graduates in South West France, and by 2018 had mentored 135 CSNN graduates to develop their own successful holistic nutrition practices.

Helping Clients, Students, and Practitioners

Today I am focusing on clients in need of nutritional guidance in my own community but my love for teaching is still strong, so I still help students with their case studies and continue to deliver my business mentorship program ‘Wellness Business Systems’ to recent graduates and professionals in nutrition.

I have a strong belief in the power of natural nutrition and my goal is to share my knowledge through education.