How To Work With Skype, Stress-Free

What You Need for Skype:

  • A computer with a camera (webcam). Skype is a video conference tool; in order to make use of the video, you need either a laptop with a built-in camera, or a desktop computer and a webcam.
  • You can use a tablet or your phone, but it’s not recommended – it’s much harder to focus on your lesson if you’re trying to use a handheld device. Laptop or desktop computers allow you to chat, follow along, and open documents much more easily
  • Headphones may make it easier to focus without distractions
  • A quality internet connection – test it first, if you’re in an unfamiliar place or you’re not sure
  • A private, quiet spot to take your lesson – coffee shops and other public places are too noisy
  • The Skype software itself!

Getting Set Up with Skype:

Here are instructions for setting up Skype:

  1. Download Skype here and install it on your device
  2. Launch the program and choose to Create a New Account; you’ll be walked through the process
  3. Sign in – for more instructions visit the Skype Support page.

Chatting In Skype:

Skype has a chat box, where we can send instant messages during our lessons. Click here for instructions on how to chat using Skype.