Hello Mrs.Bianca , First of all I want to thank you for helping me finishing my 9 case studies , I had your tutorial in the case studies, and it was amazing! You give me a boost of useful information that helped me to have my cases done, I actually about to submit them. And I am going to register for the final exam and the fellow up cases tutorials too.

Radwa Elaiashy

Wow!!! Thanks for all your help..couldn’t have come this far without your guidance and support. I am beyond happy!! I learned so much on this journey and I learned more about writing then I ever have. I feel confidence flowing through me now!!

Meghan Eveleigh

I am thrilled and I would like to thank you for all of your guidance and support throughout this entire process.


I wanted to say thank you for the talk today. I really appreciate your honesty and concern as well as your expert advice. Thank you.

Nicole Porter

Thanks Bianca. Rhetorical or not, it was a great way to drive the point home.  That’s why I love these forum chats.


Bianca, you really really really took a huge heavy stone out of my back…I need to finish this program very soon, I promise Ill work my butt hard these next weeks.
Thanks a lot!


You devote so much time to ensuring our students have all the knowledge and tools they need to do well in their final exams and graduating mark overall.

Well, these 3 students knocked it out of the ballpark!!! I wanted to thank this moment to thank you for all your devotion. Well done!!! Very best,


Just wanted to say thank you. I am sure it can be frustrating for you to keep answering the same questions worded differently, but it’s honestly helped me a lot to read those questions and answers over and over so that they sink in. Thank You Bianca 🙂


Thank you so much for speaking with me today.  The tutorial was very helpful, and I appreciate your insight.
Kind regards,


Thank you Bianca! The tutorial was excellent!


You are awesome!  Thank you my Jedi and Guru ! I am beginning to gain confidence in myself.


Thank you very much for the class tonight.  I don’t talk much as I’m the “hang out at the back of the class and listen and take furious notes” type.

I really appreciated the last bit about the mind and body connection.  Many of the points brought up tonight really hit home.
When I filled out my own forms as a self case study it was hard to know what to do with it all.  At least I know where I might begin now…
So, thanks.


Thank you, Bianca, for your time, energy and years of service as Curriculum Supervisor.  The responsibilities were great and you did it with respect, determination and professionalism – all while wearing many ‘hats’.


Also, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the tutorials and know they will greatly assist me to successfully complete the program.  They have also provided me with valuable skills and knowledge moving forward in this amazing and rewarding field of work. Thank you very much!


I’m writing to express my sincerest thanks to you as I received news of passing my final exam today!  Your tutorials for both case studies and the final exam were immensely helpful. I appreciated your insight, knowledge, and your time as you shared through your tutorials. I am most certain my grades would not be where they are without your methods (splash down!!) 🙂  Not only did you relay wonderful helpful information, but you made the tutorials such an enjoyable connection to CSNN for a distance student. Thank you.


Just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial yesterday and that I found all of it to be very helpful. It really gave me an excellent idea how these case studies must be approached always with the main complaint in mind and how all suggestions must somehow tie in/be related to that complaint. The presentation was brilliant and has truly provided for some extra confidence and understanding.


Just wanted to say thanks so much for the information you provided in the Case Study 911 tutorial that we had.
I just got my marks back for the two re-writes and got 86 and 89%. Thanks again!


Thank you Bianca. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the tutorials and resources you have offered.
Your time and energy for the students of this course is spectacular. All the best,